I will be there as support to help motivate you and take ownership to attain your goals.

Ongoing Support

After creating a personal wellness plan, I work with you to implement this plan. It is my mission to collaborate and give you tools to empower you to continue with these changes so it becomes a new path of well-being creating long term positive change.

I am reliable, sincerely passionate about helping you, always prepared, deliver what I promise, and never judge. Utilizing the power of food, positive lifestyle choices, and perhaps be open up to alternative health practices to shift the mindset to reclaim your well-being.

Outside Support

On one's journey to achieve their goals to feel better, it is important to have partnerships along the way. I will work with your medical professional to complement any protocols they have set out for you, suggest ways to include your family and friends for their support, and if requested, propose alternative health practitioners to help enrich your program.

When 'I' is replaced by 'we' even 'illness' becomes 'wellness'. – Scharf

Our ongoing support includes assessing your progress as well as offering additional support along the journey in the way of:

Food label explanations

Food preparation techniques

Shopping tips

Pantry Stocking

As your journey progresses, I will be there as support to help motivate you and take ownership to attain your goal(s).

Additional Resources

As part of my holistic approach, I also advocate for the well-being of your mind and soul. We may want to explore meditation, deep breathing techniques, stress management tools, importance of social clubs and organizations, connecting and grounding to nature, or boosting energy flow in the body.

It is my sincerest goal to help you create positive change for body, mind and soul!

We can help you to transform your state of health into one of balance and well-being.

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