A Plan for You

I focus on your biological individuality to create a custom holistic nutrition plan for you.

An individualized approach

Your biological makeup is different than your friends, your neighbours and the people you work with. I focus on your biological individuality and create a custom plan for you to address and improve your symptoms. We go through a comprehensive intake process and first consultation meeting to go over your goals, current lifestyle, diet, and social factors to tie all of this back to your main health issues. We make recommendations to support the body nutritionally, with the intention to complement other medical protocols if applicable. Looking at 'root cause' and how stress, physical activity, connection to nature and oneself, the foods we eat all affect well-being.


I will work with you to educate you to look at food first to balance your body's systems. You will learn to approach nutrition and food choices differently — looking at 'whole foods' and combining macro and micro-nutrients to support the big picture (synergy) for your body and to create optimal well-being.

Biological Individuality

Creating a personalized plan looking at the how, when, where, why and with whom, of each individual I see.

Balance Body Systems

Balancing interconnected body systems to help create harmony in the body for optimal wellness.

Evaluate Food Choices

Wholesome foods are one of the most powerful elements of health and wellness.

Identify Nutritional Imbalances

Provide clients with tools to identify source of nutritional deficiencies and outside factors affecting wellbeing.

It is my sincerest goal to help you create positive change for body, mind and soul!

We can help you to transform your state of health into one of balance and well-being.

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