Meet Christine, a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant working with women to achieve their goals to just feel better!

A holistic approach

"How you do food is how you do life ...
how you do life is how you do food"
I work with women who feel like they've lost themselves because of competing pressures from work, family, friends and so on. Women who need and want to reclaim their health. It is our mission to understand the client's main concerns to help create success where they've experienced frustration in the past.

What you put into your body will directly impact how you view your body because natural, unprocessed food is rich in body-nourishing nutrients. Additionally, our 'holistic' approach means taking into account the whole person including the mental and social influences in their lives and not just the physical aspects.

Who I Am

Welcome! My name is Christine and I have a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Alberta (B.Ed), a diploma in Natural Nutrition from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (C.H.N.C) and training in Reiki Energy (attained Level III/Master Reiki) from Mount Royal University. My passion has always been holistic health and wellness and I strive to constantly learn more, keep up with trends and try to be on the forefront of how we can feel better. I'm also enrolled in a Herbology course from Wildrose College of Natural Healing to gain a more broad perspective of how herbs can be used to complement our daily lives.

I understand the struggles many women experience

I have been blessed with two wonderful children, who have been my world and focus for most of my adult life. As grateful as I am, I realized that I was working so hard to be the best mother, wife, daughter, sister, auntie, friend ... (you get the idea) I could be that I lost myself in the process. I was ensuring everyone else was getting good nutrition and care, but somehow forgot about myself. I needed to reboot, re-energize and get back to my own health so I could still perform all those roles, but feel better about myself in the process.

Loving yourself, taking time to do things to care for yourself is NOT selfish it is a MUST! I don't know why we constantly need others to tell us that, but we do. That is how I began my own journey and why I have a passion today for the work I do.

How it works

I offer a restorative process to help balance body systems, to get back the energy and wellness you have either felt before OR to finally make the decision to do something about your well-being. Taking a nature walk, grounding oneself to the earth, meditating is medicinal (and proven so) go hand-in-hand with other medical protocols. Balance Wellbeing provides practical nutrition and lifestyle solutions so that YOU can live a more energized and fulfilling life.

Your body is comprised of several interconnected body systems that directly impact each other.  Balance one system (e.g. digestion) to create positive change and notice benefits in other body systems (e.g. intestinal).
As a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant (C.H.N.C), I have been trained to educate and facilitate the exchange of nutritional information to help support nutritional weaknesses and build one’s overall well-being. This includes:
Evaluate possible nutritional imbalances and suggest specific foods and/or supplements to maintain overall, general health.
Answer educational questions on how various organs and tissue in the body are nourished (digestive process, blood circulation, etc).
Grocery Shopping, pantry and fridge stocking, menu plans consultation for individual or family
Provide educational books, pamphlets, charts which discuss nutrition but not promote the sale any specific brand or product.
Provide advice on how to build and maintain good nutritional health through various holistic pathways.
Follow stringent guidelines regarding the collection, storage and disclosure of private and personal information collected from individuals.

We can help you to transform your state of health into one of balance and well-being.

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