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~ Building and maintaining optimal nutritional health & overall well-being with a Holistic Nutrition professional ~

Restore and reclaim well-being for women with a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant

Life isn’t downhill after 40!

As women in this busy world, we do the best we can to stay healthy.  But life's many demands, or distressing events can mean your own self-care falls short.  Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, single parent, working outside the home or re-building your career - family and work are important ... but so are YOU.   As a Holistic Nutrition professional, I can help you get back on track to transform your state of health into one of balance and well-being through nutritionally dense whole foods, natural sourced supplements and realistic lifestyle options.

Meal Planning

An individualized approach

Individualized Plans

Each of my clients is different


Restore and reclaim yourself


Ongoing and additional support

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Working together, we’ll look at your unique situation

An individualized approach

Working together, we'll look at your unique situation. I believe it's important to consider the whole person — body, mind and spirit. My role is to educate you to review your food choices first as a way to balance your body's systems. Many health issues are the result of lifestyle choices including diet and nutritionally deficient food.

Biological Individuality

Creating a personalized plan looking at the how, when, where, why and with whom, of each individual I see.

Balance Body Systems

Balancing interconnected body systems to help create harmony in the body for optimal wellness.

Evaluate Food Choices

Wholesome foods are one of the most powerful elements of health and wellness.

Identify Nutritional Imbalances

Provide clients with tools to identify source of nutritional deficiencies and outside factors affecting wellbeing.

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We can help you to transform your state of health into one of balance and well-being.

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